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RCE members are recommended to stay either at the UC hotel or the Yogyakarta Plaza Hotel. RCE Yogyakarta is securing rooms for RCE members at these hotels with negotiated rates. Please contact the 10th Global RCE Conference Secretariat (email: rceconference@ugm.ac.id) for further information. 
For reservations, please email the Secretariat (email: rceconference@ugm.ac.id) under the subject: “Hotel reservation” by 28 October. In your email, please make sure to write your “full name, institution, country, the name of the Hotel, the date of check in and check out.” Please note that the number of available rooms is limited. Therefore, room reservations will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. 

  1. UC Hotel (in campus hotel) (http://www.ugmclub.com/)
  2. Yogyakarta Plaza Hotel (http://www.jogja.pphotels.com/)

UNU-IAS funded participants will stay at a designated hotel and the room reservations will be made by UNU-IAS. Please do not make your own reservations if you are funded by UNU-IAS.

If you would like to make a reservation on your own, other nearby hotels are available at:  

  1. Phoenix Hotel (phoenix-hotel-yogyakarta.booked.net/)
  2. Santika Hotel (www.santika.com/jogja-premiere)
  3. Aston Hotel (www.aston-international.com/eng/)